Let’s face it, Small Business Owners are advanced at multitasking,  the priority, of course, always being company operations. But they often end up spending more time handling bookkeeping and administrative stuff instead of focusing on what matters most.

Monthly bookkeeping involves accurately capturing and recording various bank account and credit card transactions that occur.  With current software, such as QuickBooks Online, you can easily connect your bank and credit card accounts to your accounting system. However, when the volume of accounting transactions increases to a level that makes it difficult to keep up, there are other tools and specialized services that can help small business owners to stay on top of things, such as:

  • Bill.com – a cost effective bill payment and invoicing service that then syncs payment data both ways with your accounting software.
  • Ledgersync.com – a system for virtual filing of receipt images, bills and statements, etc making you practically audit proof, or at least able to easily supply the requested documentation.

That is just to name s few. The truth of the matter is the amount of different bookkeeping and accounting apps and online services has increased significantly. The main challenge today is to find the one that is right for your business and helps you save time and money without overpaying for services. RW Wealth can oversee or be your Accounting Department.  Let us set up a cost effective accounting system to accomplish that which is very difficult and time consuming to do on your own.