These are unprecedented times of uncertainty and we are all concerned about the physical health of our families and friends. The financial well-being of many people has also been impacted. This storm has caught a lot of people unprepared and has made us all think about our future and what will come next. Now is the time to get your financial plan in order. Financial planning has always been important for people of all ages and income levels, but now more than ever it becomes vital in times of crisis.

Every financial plan is unique and tailored to your individual circumstances. Good financial planning starts with an evaluation of your liquidity needs and emergency cash reserves. The next step is setting your financial goals (for example, saving for retirement or your children’s college education).

The Process

A financial plan will take into consideration all the variables of your financial situation including your assets, sources of income and expenses, whether fixed or occasional. The plan will then project your future cash flows to demonstrate if you will be able to meet your financial goals and if not, help you determine what changes are needed.

Another important element of financial planning is risk analysis. The recent market correction surprised many people with the velocity and magnitude of the market’s volatility. Are you appropriately invested?  Now is a great time to re-evaluate your risk tolerance.

RW Wealth has a team of professionals who are ready to use their expertise to help you put together your financial plan. Craig Hamilton and other members of our team look forward to working with you on building your financial future.  For the next 30 days, we will provide a 50% discount on all financial plans. Call (904-280-0771 ext 8) or email ( to schedule a free consultation.