Wealth management can take many different forms, but its core has always been your “peace of mind”. It can be reached only if you know that your investment assets are handled by trusted professionals with extensive knowledge, experience and superior ethical standards. That is why we see our ultimate goal as partnering with you to grow your investment portfolio and help you to reach your financial goals, rather than selling you securities.

Our expertise as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Certified Public Accountants gives us a unique perspective on your investment needs. We take a holistic approach to investment management, customizing your portfolio based on your goals and needs. Proper management is all about taking into consideration your risk tolerance, income requirements, liquidity needs, investment horizon and income tax situation.

Unlike many mainstream portfolio managers we do not rely solely on mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). We prefer to choose individual stocks (companies) when there are sufficient assets for diversification, which is a much more cost effective approach to investment management. But for the clients with less investable assets we utilize low-cost ETFs, trying to always keep your cost as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Portfolio management services are on a fee only basis (i.e. no commission).