Are you looking for a simplified investment approach?  Or perhaps you’re just getting started with investing.  Working with a knowledgeable advisor can appear costly or out of reach.  A great way to get started is using an automated investment platform.  How you choose your automated investment platform will have an impact on your financial success.  Connect with a financial advisor today.

So what’s the deal with automated investing?  There are a few keys things you may want to consider.  An automated investment platform should provide you a diversified portfolio tailored to YOU.   It should consider your future goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.  Periodic rebalancing is needed to maintain asset diversification and keep you on track.  Without this, over time you may end up taking too much or too little risk.  You should also consider tax efficiency when investing.  Some automated investment platforms may offer tax-loss harvesting which allows you to offset some of your taxable gains by selling securities that have declined in value.

Another consideration is the selection of the exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  Not all platforms are created equal!  A well thought out mix should be comprised of low-cost ETFs.  These ETFs should be diversified in areas such as fixed income, international securities, large, mid and small cap stocks as well as market sectors such as financials and energy.

In an ever-changing market and global economy, these ETFs need to be constantly monitored and updated.  Most importantly, partnering with a financial advisor will help you stay on track to reach your financials goals.  Getting started is easy and an account can be opened for you in minutes.

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